Product Photo Guidelines

Technical Requirements

Format: The photo must be in either JPEG or PNG

Dimension: The dimension must be at least 1000 x
1000 in height and width both.

Size: The photo size must be at least 1 MB.

Colour Mode: sRGB or CMYK colour mode is

File name: Only the product's name should be
included in the filename. Additional characters or
symbols must be avoided in file names.

Borders, Frames, Logos: There must be no border,
frame, or trademark on the photos. Drawings,
pictures, and charts are also not permitted.
  • Every feasible view/angle of the product must be covered
    in photos (front, back, sides or any other angles you think is

  • The photos must be able to fit inside the website's
    designated area.

    In photographs, there must be no additional objects Unless
    it's to show the product's scale.

  • Colors should be accurate, and they should match the
    product's actual colours.
    Photos need to be taken in the right lighting.

    About 80% of the image frame should be filled with

  • The entire product must be photographed.

    In your photographs, avoid using filters or tinting the

  • Before uploading, always double-check your images.
    It has to be of excellent quality.
    On a pure white background or a background that isn't too
    cluttered (Minimal decoration and photography props in

  • Inappropriate writing, props, or backgrounds should be
    avoided in photos because they will cause the product to
    be rejected.

  • The product should be demonstrated in use. For instance, if
    it's a painting, it should be shown hanging on the wall.
    Zoomed in photo of the product so that customer may
    view the texture and material of the product

  • Background Color Palette