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Get upto 20% OFF on your first purchase. Use code "20OFF"

About Us

Introduction about Riansh

Riansh is a global platform for home sellers of handicrafts, artists, and self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as any art enthusiast. We connect and empower local artisans, handicraft small businesses, and designers to connect directly with global customers, thereby increasing their livelihood, eliminating middlemen, assisting them in the creation and promotion of their brand, and preserving our rich culture, traditions, and values. Small businesses can deliver beyond the geographical barriers and connect with people living across the world. 

Who are we?

We are a community centered on the drop-shipping model of business. We sell products created by Indian manufacturers and handicraft artists. Users can purchase the best quality handmade finished goods straight from sellers on our marketplace. We have two apps: one for the seller and one for the user. We want to help small businesses & handicraft artisans succeed, and we want to connect the sellers that don't have access to the global market on board. Small businesses do not get enough exposure or are not preferred much. But with Riansh, small and local businesses are at par with any other big brand. 

What do we do?

Our platform provides an opportunity to discover new talent and leverage on the abilities of artists who work from their homes, offices, studios, and warehouses. We intend to provide best worldwide practices to our sellers and assist them in building their own brand equity. Riansh wants to provide them with more sales chances and improved awareness in the worldwide market, which will help them succeed. Our mission is to take small and local businesses & handcraft artists to the doorstep of anyone around the world. Local businesses are often ignored. But Riansh empowers these businesses to reach any customer, irrespective of their location. 

Our supporters

The supporters of Riansh are none other than the people. When you buy a product from us, you don’t make the rich even richer. Instead, you buy products from talented handicraft artists and small and local businesses, while helping them to sustain and grow. These talented handicraft artists and small businesses are not seeking for donations. They need their art and skills to be appreciated. They want their skills to be recognized. So, you, as a customer, are the ones that can help these businesses thrive through Riansh.

The business owners listed on Riansh are the other half of our supporters. Without them, Riansh wouldn’t have grown to such horizons. As much as Riansh has opened a gateway for small businesses to reach beyond the geographical barriers, the businesses have also helped to grow Riansh as a community and make more people aware of its presence and significance. What more can we want than having both our customers and retailers as our supporters and well-wishers? 

Why to buy from small businesses?

Gives back more to the community

You're supporting your town, community, and neighborhood when you support a local business. Businesses must pay sales taxes to the city and county in which they are located. If you go to a large store somewhere else, your money isn't going to help your neighborhood at all. Furthermore, that tax revenue is used to subsidize public schools, parks, roads, and sidewalks, as well as public service workers such as firefighters. 

Encourage entrepreneurship

When a local small company owner achieves success in the community, it inspires others to follow in their footsteps and start their own businesses. They might approach their products and services from a different viewpoint so that what they have to offer complements what another local business has to offer, resulting in cross-selling chances for both. In addition, many local business owners are eager to offer advice and mentorship to other local entrepreneurs. They can lend their knowledge to a budding entrepreneur so that the new business owner is equipped with the right tools and resources to grow their own companies.

Preserving the environment and generating employment

Local shops, as previously stated, tend to employ locals. This is one of the most crucial ways to generate local employment. When you help grow the small businesses, you are also helping the business to generate employment in your city or nearby area. The growth of local and small businesses has been one of the primary reasons of the growth in employment. Won’t you like to be a part of it? 

Most importantly, they don't need a car or public transportation to get to work because they live close by, which reduces carbon emissions. Since small businesses tend to employ local suppliers and partner with other local businesses, the negative environmental implications of transportation and distribution are kept to a minimal.

Word from founders

Riansh was founded in the year 2020 by Mr. Shubham Goyal and Ms. Ritika Goyal. The motive behind the idea of Riansh in the words of the founders is, “We want to start educating people in making a business in handicrafts by optimally utilizing their artistic skills. We want to break the myth amongst people that artists cannot make a living or future out of the handicraft industry. Moreover, our future goals include making more and more people aware about the initiative. We want the use and consumption of handmade to become widespread and easily accessible for everyone.  All our goals are at par with all our associated artists. 

Describing an incident that sparked the idea, he adds, “One wonderful day, I was willing to make a donation when I found an organization that helped underprivileged, skilled women. Words by them touched me, when they said- "If you are really looking to help these women, don't write us a cheque for charity or donation instead you can purchase their handicrafts". These women believe that donation makes them paralyzed and dependent while when you purchase from them, that is when they experience true joy. It gives them a satisfaction of being independent and the money received is a result of their combined hard work and talents.

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