Resin Art Workshop with Glitterling

Resin Art Workshop with Glitterling

What is Resin Art?

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a newbie, resin art is a fun and creative art medium to explore. To get started all you really need are a few materials and an understanding of how they will help you create unique art. Let your imagination go wild and dive deep into the new world of resin art with endless possibilities.


Resin art is a unique painting style where you do not use typical brushes or acrylic or oil paints. It is considered advanced painting  for the new age creative crowd. The unique materials involved in the creation of resin art differentiate ordinary artists from resin artists.

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Who is this workshop for?

Art enthusiasts

Are you an art lover? Then let's learn different types of  Resin coaster and enter a new world of art with your imagination and creativity!

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn six different types of Resin coaster with different techniques and you are ready to expand!

Students who want to make passive income

Want to be independent and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step of independence and learn how to start your own business with Resin Art!

About the Instructor

Gorika  is a Fashion Designer from a fashion institute based in Pune. 

Some words from Gorika " I started my journey in resin in 2019. My work is to preserve wedding flowers or special memories in resin. I have taken classes for 150+ students (online & offline, in groups and one on one as well). My classes are focused on a professional point of view as opposed to a hobby. 

 Till now, I’ve received flowers, pet’s hair, the umbilical cord from almost 15 states." 

What You’ll Learn

DAY 1 (Friday) - Let's start with our safety!

First day we will learn some safety measures and basic introduction about resin art - And how anyone can start their own resin journey.

DAY 2 (Saturday) -  Let's get to the creative part- Coaster making!

Second day let's see and learn about six different coasters and different styles used. Also the placement of flowers and leaves and create beautiful coasters.

DAY 3 (Sunday) - The finishing up with golden glitter!

Third day will be all about unmolding and how to decorate resin art sides with golden glitter.

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