Free Macramé Art Workshop with Megha Mittal

Free Macramé Art Workshop with Megha Mittal

Now learn the macramé art and small business tips from industry expert for free...!

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What is Macramé  Art?

Macramé is a crafting technique that uses knots to create various textiles. Since this art form has regained popularity in recent years, crafters and artists are coming up with innovative ways to take macramé beyond the basic plant hangers and wall hangings.


 This age-old practice has gone in and out of popularity for thousands of years. However, this method will always be around to some degree because of its practicality. Remarkably, you can make items like table runners and key chains using just your hands and a couple of inexpensive supplies. If you want to learn more about how macramé came to be and how you can get started with a macramé project, keep follow our macramé workshops. 

Who is this webinar for?

Art enthusiasts

Are you an art lover? Then let's learn macramé and how we can make some product with macramé like Keychain, Coaster & Plant hanging and enter a new world of art with your imagination and creativity!

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn some product making process with the help of macramé and you are ready to expand!

Students who want to make passive income

Want to be independent and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step of independence and learn how to start your own business with macramé!

What about International Student ? 

Yes, we provide our courses globally.....!

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar you can learn the basic fundamental of macramé art, some making process, types of cords and some tips and tricks to how you can start your own macramé journey.

Basics about macramé and it's Material

Basics about knots and types of cords

A fun Q&A Session with Instructor

About the Instructor

Hello to all the creative people…     

Myself Megha Mittal. I am from the Heritage city ‘Jaipur’ also known as Pinkcity… Fine Arts Graduate and freelance graphic designer by profession, Crocheting and Macramé was a hobby during my school days…               

Maternity break and a small kid to take care of led me towards my long lost hobby which turned into passion and now a business venture. I love creating stylish and trendy bags in various designs and sizes. Handmade jewelry and home décor products are other areas of my expertise. 

Macramé and crochet are the art forms which brings your mind at calm and relaxation. They are the forms of pure LOVE…. They are the unique and sustainable art which also connects very well with the bigger purpose of life by serving Mother Earth and society at large. This art will give never ending exploration to your imagination.. Let’s Live it together. 

Find them here:  konnected_knots

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Creative Freedom

Can make anything according to your imagination.

Be your own boss

It gives freedom to run your business your own way.

Financial Independence

You learn to stand on your own feet and earn your own money.

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