Fashion Illustration Workshop with Priyanka Roy

Fashion Illustration Workshop with Priyanka Roy

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Why Fashion Illustration Industry?

Fashion illustrations play a very important role in the field of Fashion design, it is also known as the communication of fashion. it is practiced across the world from more than 500 years by far. It shows the presence of the fabric textures through art and gives out a visual luxury. Fashion illustration has always been a need to translate ideas into garments since the time luxury clothing and fashion came in existence. Illustrations are either practiced on paper sheets or digitally. Fashion designers use various means of doing illustration such as, use of steadlers, markers, stylus, pastels, and gouaches for the detailing of the garments.


Who is this webinar for?

Art enthusiasts

Are you passionate about fashion? Then let's learn about fashion space and take one step ahead to explore your passion in fashion Illustration!  

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn about Fashion Illustration space and you are ready to expand!

Who wants to make a career in Fashion Illustration space

Want to be make a career and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step towards knowing the fashion space and learn how to start your own journey in Fashion Illustration !


What You’ll Learn

  In this workshop, you will learn about the complete process of how to make Lehenga illustration,  some tips and tricks to how you can start your own journey in Fashion Illustration space. 

Let's start with some basic! 

We will learn the entire process and preparation of making any fashion illustration 

Let's get to the Creative part

We will do a full lehenga illustration from scratch 

The finishing up with fun Q&A

A fun Q&A with instructor to know about her journey, mistakes & learning.


About the Instructor


Hi, I'm Priyanka Roy, a freelance artist. I love to make fashion illustrations. Since my childhood I was an art enthusiast .And always wanted to do something creative. When I grew up I wanted to be a fashion designer but due to lack of opportunities as I belonged to a small village I was not able to join a fashion college. 

But I never left my dream. I always tried to learn things related to fashion from online platforms . When Covid came, I took a break . And after the break period I made up my mind to be a specialist in a particular thing which was illustration . That's how my journey started .And there is no looking back .Over time I improved a lot . I also work in customized illustration as per clients recruitment which improved my work quality.  And now I want to teach people who are struggling to do illustration with relevant tips.   

Find them here:  priyankaroindia


Still wondering if this webinar is for you? 

Check out the list below to find out

Creative Freedom

Can make anything according to your imagination.

Be your own boss

It gives freedom to run your business your own way.

Financial Independence

You learn to stand on your own feet and earn your own money.



Yes It's free of cost. You can watch this pre recorded course by enrolling for free. It will be available in your dashboard for lifetime.

The workshop is very beginner friendly and has been designed in order to share as much knowledge with the participants as possible!

To join the live workshop you need to follow the following few step before the session start :- Register / Log in > on Home Page click courses > Select course > click on Register Now > Payment Page (if it's paid course ) / Go your my courses (if it's free course ) > Done Payment > Join Now

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