Clay Workshop With Ruchira

Clay Workshop With Ruchira

 Now learn the Clay art and small business tips from industry expert ...!

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Online Zoom Session


1-2 August 2022  (Monday and Tuesday )


6:00 - 8:00 PM IST (India)

8:30 - 10:30 AM (New York)

1:30 - 3:30 PM (London)

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Why Clay made products?

Clay products are a natural, versatile, and sustainable material. It has the unique ability to combine with water and other substances or ingredients to provide different types of products. Pottery is the most common form of clay product made from moist clay such as mud, so it is usually decorated with paint or glazes to add color and texture. These days, there are many different clays that can be used in everyday activities like hunting for fossils in your backyard or building sculptures on your dinner table. 

Clay is made from soil that contains microscopic differences in its mineral content. People who work with clay products generally refer to clay products as clays or clays or pottery materials or ceramics or bricks.

- Christina M. Drennan

Let's take one step ahead to follow your passion in art and craft...!!!

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Who is this webinar for?

Art enthusiasts

Are you an art lover? Then let's learn how to make DIY Clay product and enter a new world of art with your imagination and creativity!

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn about the materials required for making the planters, Rakhi & Pen stand with different techniques and you are ready to expand!

Students who want to make passive income

Want to be independent and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step of independence and learn how to start your own business with Clay !

What about International Student ? 

Yes, we provide our courses globally.....!

What You’ll Learn

In this workshop, you will learn about the basic fundamentals of  clay art and some tips and tricks to how you can start your own  journey with clay . 

How to make Planter, Rakhi & Pen stand with Clay   

A brief discussion about the materials required for making the planters

Q&A Session with Instructor

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Ruchira Mahapatra, a freelancer artist who loves making home décor items, DIYs, Clay products and much more. 

When I was a kid I was always into making some creative items out of old stuffs. So after my graduation I thought to follow my creative passion and that's how I became a freelancer.

 Also I want to include that I mainly work with clay according to the requirement of the clients and also I've made 200+ craft courses for many websites.

Find them here:  thekraftypencil

Enroll now because you are just one step away from dominating the  Clay made-product industry!!!

INR 1499/- INR 599/- Only

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