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Get upto 20% OFF on your first purchase. Use code "20OFF"

Yellow Friends peephole frame | Friends peephole frame | gift for friends

by Rainvas
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Current price Rs. 1,100.00
Inspired by the iconic  Friends TV show and it's characters. This piece is inspired by Monica Geller's popular peephole frame. It is an official replica version of the yellow frame

Made on order 

Material PLA
Making time  4-5 days
Colour Yellow
Shipping time   4-5 days
Content  1 frame
Size  7*8 inches
For  Door and wall

NOTE: Since the product is handmade so please expect some minimal difference each time it is crafted for a new order.

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“ Quality handmade producs. Timely delivery. Friendly customer support. Thats all I could ask for. Love your collection. Keep up with the good work."

”Ananya Bansal"

“ If I get a handicraft so good at my doorstep by some screen taps, I'll choose Riansh anyday. Loved the aesthetics it has added to my bedroom."

”Jaydip Chudasama"

“ Quality handmade producs. Timely delivery. Friendly customer support. Thats all I could ask for. Love your collection. Keep up with the good work."

"Ananya Bansal"

More about the product -  

FRIENDS premiered 30 years ago, yet the references and iconic one-liners live on in all of us. The coffee shop, as well as the orange couch, became iconic. Monica Geller and Rachel Green's Manhatten apartment has a yellow peephole frame hanging on the purple door.

Almost nothing brings us more joy than our friends. Friendships have a significant influence on one's mental health and happiness. Friendships ease stress, bring comfort and delight, and keep you from feeling lonely and alone. Close friendships can also improve your physical health. This is why you should celebrate and enjoy your time with friends and your friendship every single day. You could gift your lovely friends a yellow friends peephole frame from our store and make your friends and your friendship seem special and iconic just like the famous show FRIENDS.

What could be a better gift for your best friend than a customized yellow Friends peephole frame by Riansh Store? There is nothing more magical than friendship in this world. It is said that friends are the only close people we can choose for ourselves and they are among the closest people in your life. Celebrate your friendship by gifting your best friend a personalized Friends peephole frame by Riansh Store!

There is nothing more iconic than the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S when it comes to portraying what true friendships look like. This iconic show gave friends all around the world major friendship goals. It also gave us many iconic lines and items and among them, the Friends peephole frame is one of the most iconic ones!

The friends peephole frame by Riansh Store is a beautifully handcrafted item that can be the best gift for your friends! Our peephole frame is a stunning piece of recreated yellow friendship frame that can be customized accordingly to meet your preferences.

You can customize the peephole frame in any way you like. You could put your favorite picture with your friends in the frame, or even an insider's joke in it. You could personalize it any way you want. You could hang the friends peephole frame anywhere in the house and it will remind you of your precious friends and the memories you have made with them.

True friendship is the greatest gift you can ask for in life. Gift your friends memories by giving them a personalized friends peephole frame by Riansh Store!

Is your best friend's birthday knocking on the door, or is friendship day around the corner? In both cases, you must be worried and confused about what to give to your dearest mate. 

You no longer have to worry about finding a good and unique gift for your best buddy anymore when the Riansh store has a wide range of great gifting options for your friends, family, or anyone else. The friends peephole frame by Rainvas at the Riansh store is the ideal gift to give to your friend who has been through thick and thin in your life.

When it comes to gifting your best friend, only the best gift should be chosen for them and the friends peephole frame is just an amazing and unique gift to give to them. 

As the name suggests, the friends peephole frame is a lovely frame that was inspired by the iconic show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This show gave major friendship goals to all the friends around the world and you must have also watched it together with your closest friends or shared clips and memes of it with each other.

Similar to how this iconic show is not just a show but almost an emotion to millions of people, the friends peephole frame is a beautiful gift you can give to your friend to express to him or her how much they mean to you and how your friendship is as iconic as the show friends. Order the friends peephole frame now and surprise your friends with it!

friends peephole frame is the best gift you could ever give to your friends. Whether it is your friend's birthday, your friendship anniversary, friendship day, or any random Sunday of the year, a friends peephole frame by the Riansh store could be gifted to your best buddy on any and every occasion to express your love towards them!

The friends peephole frame is an iconic object and nothing could be a better gift for your friends and your iconic friendships. Choosing a gift for your friends can often be a tricky and hard thing to do. One knows his or her friends so well and is aware of all their likes and dislikes that choosing a “simple” gift for them can become a confusing task. You cannot give them something simple since you know their preferences and also the thing they already possess. So it can be hard to choose what to give to them. A friends peephole frame by the Riansh store is the ideal gift you could give them at times like these.

friends peephole frame is a lovely yellow frame that can be hung anywhere- at the door, on the wall, etc. They make a quirky yet meaningful gift for your friends. They come in various sizes and are also reasonably priced.There really cannot be a better and more meaningful gift for your friends especially if they are huge lovers of the iconic show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Order them from the Riansh store now!

Confused about choosing the right gift for your best friends? Is your friend too choosy about gifts? Well don’t make yourself confused.  Nothing can beat the popularity of Monica’s, friends' peephole frame. Its attractive design and features will make your friends mesmerized. 

 It is the best gifting option for everyone who is dear to you. You can hang it on the wall easily or keep it on the desk or table. This pliable nature of friends' peephole frame is the prime secret behind its huge popularity. It is easily available at Riansh Store. 

 It adds a speciality to your home interior and can change the looks of your room within a glance. Bring your own distinguished style by using this interesting friends' peephole frame. It provides you with enough room for creativity. 

 Photographs are actually memories, so we always want to protect them, especially those which are very special to us. Gift a friends' peephole frame to your beloved one and help him or her to preserve their happiest memories in the best way for a long time. 

Your close one will be really happy to get it as it is functional, flexible and great at looking. No doubt a friends' peephole frame is the best gift for your close ones who are interested in protecting memories. 

 It protects the photographs in the best way. A friends' peephole frame prevents the photographs from being yellowish and thin, weak and faded. So without any doubt you can give it to your friends or your dear one. 

 So, next time when you need to buy a gift for anyone don’t give strain to your brain. Choose the best quality friends' peephole frame from us and bring a broad smile to the faces of those whom you love.