Free social media management

Free social media management

Free Social Media Management Workshop with Aashima Jain

Now learn the Social Media Management and small business tips from industry expert for free...!

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Online Zoom Session


7 Jan 2023 (Saturday)


4:00 -  5:00 PM (India)

05:30 - 06:30  AM (New York ) 

10:30 - 11:30  AM (London)

Why Social Media Management?


Social media is important because it allows you to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience — no matter their location. When a business can use social media to connect with its audience, it can use social media to generate brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue. So if you’re wondering why is social media marketing so popular among marketers—that’s the answer. Although the ability to build a community and manage your reputation is great, it all comes down to marketing goals. And for most businesses, the goal is more customers and increased revenue.



Social media marketing is still relatively new, so it’s likely that the benefits and strategies associated with it will change over the next few years. But right now, it is one of the most effective ways to connect with qualified leads and build customer relationships.


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Who is this webinar for?

Social enthusiasts

Are you an exited about social media? Then let's learn about the social media management skill and enter a new world of marketing with your imagination and creativity!

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn social media management skill and you are ready to expand!

Students who want to make passive income

Want to be independent and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step of independence and learn how to start your own business with social media!


What about International Student ? 

Yes, we provide our courses globally.....!

What You’ll Learn

 In this webinar you can learn the various social media platforms, how to secure your Instagram account  and some tips and tricks to how you can grow social your journey.  

Let's start with some basic part! 

We will learn about the various social media platforms, uses and default sizes, how to secure your Instagram account

Let's get to the knowledge part

We will Learn about the effective reel making, mistakes you should avoid while growing, and growth strategy for Instagram


The finishing up with fun Q&A

A fun Q&A with instructor to know about her

 journey, mistakes & learning. 


About the Instructor


Working in this industry since 5+ years now. Started of as an intern for a Mumbai based fashion company Eventually started getting calls and emails from various companies and people to collaborate and I kept going. 

Biggest opportunity came my way when I got an opportunity to work as graphic designer in Cred's designing team. 

Climbed each step with a steady foot. Had my own share of ups and downs, but I kept going. Still hustling to reach new heights everyday.




Find them here:  graphicmuse2022

What our students say about our previous workshops


" This workshop was very insightful and made absolute sense in terms of the Principles and their application. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend. "


Karan Yadav
" I was recommended to take this workshop by a friend and I would do the same. I feel that everyone would benefit from this workshop."
Meghna Gupta
" Thanks so much for your very valuable Workshops.  I  really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it     fun! I feel much better prepared to start my own macramé journey "


Aditi Bhatt

Still wondering if this webinar is for you? 

Check out the list below to find out

Creative Freedom

Can make anything according to your imagination.

Be your own boss

It gives freedom to run your business your own way.

Financial Independence

You learn to stand on your own feet and earn your own money.


Yes It's free of cost. You can watch this pre recorded course by enrolling for free. It will be available in your dashboard for lifetime.

Enroll now because you are just one step away from dominating the Digital Marketing Industry!!!


INR 1499/-   Absolutely FREE 


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