Free Hairdos Workshop With Hardik Prajapati

Free Hairdos Workshop With Hardik Prajapati

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Why Hairdos Industry?

Hairdressing has become a daily need for a good number of people in our country. Be it something as simple as going to the office, or something fancy like going to a cocktail party, people have begun to give huge importance to hair care and hairstyling. Hairstylists can have one of the most rewarding and amazing careers today. The career provides flexibility, financial stability, satisfaction and the scope to learn and innovate. Hence, there is a lot of competition to create new trends and to meet client needs. Hairstylists surely need technical skills and a lot of happy clients to survive in the market. Today’s hairstylists are very different from the barbers two decades ago.

Who is this webinar for?

Art enthusiasts

Are you passionate about Hairdos ? Then let's learn about Hairdos space and take one step ahead to explore your passion in Hairdos !  

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn about Hairdos space and you are ready to expand!

Who wants to make a career in Hairdos space

Want to be make a career and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step towards knowing the Hairdos space and learn how to start your own journey in Hairdos !


What You’ll Learn


In this workshop, you will learn about the complete knowledge and steps about hairstyling ,  some tips and tricks to how you can start your own journey in Hairdos space. 

Let's start with some basic! 

We will learn the complete knowledge and steps about hairstyling


Let's get to the creative part

Learn how to make a simple hairdo along with one advance level hairstyle


The finishing up with fun Q&A

A fun Q&A with instructor to know about his journey, mistakes & learning. 



About the Instructor


Hi, I'm Hardik Prajapati, a freelance artist. Having a knack for art led me here. Initially looking at my sisters made me love makeup, and as one of my cousins had a salon, I started going on orders with hers. This was the beginning of my career just at 10 th class.  When I started college, I joined a fashion designing college but due to some issues have to leave it in between. 

But I never left my dream. I always tried to learn things related to fashion, makeup and hairstyling through Youtube. Did a lot of practice on my own. After that I joined an institute and taught more than 85 people at once.  

I take orders for makeup, hairstyling, saree and dupatta draping along with helping the brides for their costume selection due to my interest for fashion. I love teaching and helping people with these things and so I am here to always guide you become perfect in these industry.

Find them here:  hardikbprajapati001

Still wondering if this webinar is for you? 

Check out the list below to find out

Creative Freedom

Can make anything according to your imagination.

Be your own boss

It gives freedom to run your business your own way.

Financial Independence

You learn to stand on your own feet and earn your own money.



This course is worth Rs. 249/-

The one-time payment that you make for the workshop is a non-refundable fee whether the participant takes part in the live workshop or not. So, we suggest you attend the webinar/workshop on time.

The workshop is very beginner friendly and has been designed in order to share as much knowledge with the participants as possible!

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