Free Baking Workshop With Sweetree

Free Baking Workshop With Sweetree

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Why Baking Industry?

 As one of the largest segments in the food processing sector in India, the bakery industry offers huge opportunities for growth, innovation, and job generation. Separated into three categories, bread, biscuits, and cakes and pastries, the bakery industry reached a market value of USD 7.22 billion in 2018. As the second largest producer of biscuits after the USA, India is a key player internationally, and with the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian companies and individuals it is one of the most exciting regions for the bakery sector.

 Changing consumer habits and lifestyle are shaping the bakery industry in India. Part of a global trend, there is greater demand for healthier products and alternatives, particularly when it comes to bakery goods which are now more commonly consumed daily as opposed to being a treat. With high consumption rates, customers want baked goods that are ‘guilt-free’ and are increasingly seeking gluten-free products, or goods made with alternative ingredients such as multigrain and whole-wheat. Alongside healthier options, millennials in particular are always seeking new flavors and experiences, making flavour innovation key.


Who is this webinar for?

Baking enthusiasts

Are you passionate about baking? Then let's learn about baking space and take one step ahead to explore your passion in baking space!  

Small business owners

Looking for ways to expand your small business? Learn about baking space and you are ready to expand!

Who wants to make a career in Baking space

Want to be make a career and have a lot of time? Join this workshop for your first step towards knowing the baking space and learn how to start your own journey in baking space!


What You’ll Learn

  In this workshop, you will learn about the preparation and material requirements for making the Cupcake, some tips and tricks for how you can start your own journey in Baking space.

Let's start with some basic! 

We will learn about preparation and material requirements  

Let's get to the creative part

 Learn how to make Cupcake along with packaging and presentation 

The finishing up with fun Q&A

A fun Q&A with instructor to know about her journey, mistakes & learning.


About the Instructor

Hi, I am Aastha Jain and I am Twiny Jain. We are the founders of Sweetree. When we started the brand it was just an hobby but the positive response, high demand and love from the customers made it our full time business. 

Today we deal in full range of cakes, desserts, cake jars, cupcakes and starting with our new segment of snacks too. We have taken workshops earlier and from kids to small bakers and chefs, ladies all have enrolled for the workshops and learnt a lot!

Find them here:  sweetree


Still wondering if this webinar is for you? 

Check out the list below to find out

Creative Freedom

Can make anything according to your imagination.

Be your own boss

It gives freedom to run your business your own way.

Financial Independence

You learn to stand on your own feet and earn your own money.



This course is worth Rs. 449/-

The one-time payment that you make for the workshop is a non-refundable fee whether the participant takes part in the live workshop or not. So, we suggest you attend the webinar/workshop on time.

The workshop is very beginner friendly and has been designed in order to share as much knowledge with the participants as possible!

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