Why Resin Jewellery Is A Popular Trend?

Why Resin Jewellery Is A Popular Trend?

Jewellery has been playing a vital role in women’s life from time immemorial. Starting from our epics to the ancient civilization we can see that there is a common love for wearing jewellery. The trend of wearing jewellery was popular not only among women but also among men. We have seen several pictures of kings wearing jewellery in our history books and when it comes to discussing the matter of discussing the jewellery love of queens, maybe this article will become too long to read. We have often become witnesses of several wars and conspiracies in history due to the greed for jewellery. This shows that the practice of using jewellery is not a new trend. Basically, it is used as a fashion accessory that gives a complete look to an outfit. According to specialists in the fashion industry, your looks remain incomplete until you use the right accessories.  But the one thing you must keep in mind is that you should be very cautious at the time of selecting your jewellery. You should choose the jewellery according to your dress and make-up so that it could complement your entire look. Otherwise, you may look terrible. Wearing a party gown to your office seems dreadful, isn’t it? Similarly choosing heavily stoned jewellery with western outfits makes you look the same dreadful. 


Jewellery is worn in order to highlight the natural beauty of the wearers. To a particular group in our society, it is often regarded as a way to show their social status. They prefer to use precious jewellery that contains expensive stones to showcase their affluence. In a general sense, women love to wear jewellery not only because it highlights their physical features but also because it makes them feel confident and looks classy. The place of jewellery in a woman’s life is very important and it is not very hard to understand this by seeing the modern trend of using jewellery made with various materials which are really hard to imagine. Over the course of time, this popularity and requirements have increased and to cope with that popularity several experiments have taken place regarding the designs, materials and style of the jewellery. Today even resin is also used as a material for making jewellery and it is quite popular to gift such jewellery as resin personalised gifts to anybody you wish to gift.


Jewellery was a thing of appreciation even in ancient civilisations. People wore different pieces of jewellery to symbolise different messages like wisdom, security, prosperity or elegance. In prehistoric times, people use wood, pebble, shell and bones to adorn themselves. With the invention of metals, the art of making jewellery become more sophisticated. The Egyptians were famous for using colourful jewellery because they believed that the colour reflects the different aspects of their personalities. Several tombs and mummies have also been found by archaeologists which were adorned with various kinds of jewellery. The use of jewellery is very popular in ancient Greece. They are many instances that they used crowns, brooches, necklaces, hairpins, rings, bracelets etc. The use of bracelets was very popular among the Romans and they even use gold coins to make jewellery. Gold, silver pearls, diamonds many other precious stones and metals were used by them for jewellery making. 


With the advancement of civilisation, numerous changes have taken place in the world of jewellery along with others. Various changes have taken place in the design, shape and materials of the jewellery. The expensiveness of the metals like gold and silver has compelled us to think about substitutes for making jewellery. Today jewellery is made with wood, stones, soil, plastics, beads, feathers and even paper. The latest trend that has risen in recent years is the use of resin. Yes, resin jewellery has become much popular among modern women. After using jewellery made with rose gold, different kinds of brass and stainless steel, the modern Zen Y has become much fond of using resin jewellery. So if you are thinking about gifting your sister, friend, wife or fiancé you can easily think of the option of gifting resin jewellery which is also available as resin personalised gifts. The option is both cool and pleasing for both of you. 


What is resin and why it is used for jewellery making? 


Resin is a liquid polymer which is derived from organic sources. It can be given a solid customisable structure very easily. It is secreted whenever the plants get any kind of injury. It is widely used in jewellery making because of its high strength, lightweight quality and easy processing features. Another reason behind its popularity is that it is very cheap. It is the only reason behind the increasing demand for resin jewellery on the online market and the social media platforms like Instagram or tik tok has played a dominant role in increasing the trend of wearing resin jewellery. Even famous brands like Bottega Veneta and Dior have launched their unique collection of resin jewellery. The jewellery is rich in colour to perfect all kinds of outfits. If you wear a single piece or many together, these jewelleries are perfect to enhance your beauty as well as your mood. 


How to style resin jewellery? 


Resin jewellery can be an excellent way to showcase your style statements. The jewelleries are available in rich colour and unique designs in order to be the perfect match with all kinds of outfits no matter it is ethnic or modern. Several types of resin jewellery are available such as earrings, pendants, rings etc. You will be really fascinated to see the designs. Sometimes just wearing a single earring made by simply mixing together different colours can give you a unique look. You may also try the most common style of resin jewellery which is made by inserting small objects like dried flowers or leaves, tiny pieces of plastics or papers, metals or glitter inside of a clear resin cube. Otherwise, the resin jewellery available in different shapes like domes, cubes etc also looks good with trendy dresses. One can also give a try to the resin rings. The rings are very much popular and are available in various colours and designs to suit your moods. If you are very much enthusiastic about trying different kinds of jewelleries or love to make experiment with your look by trying different types of jewellery then resin jewellery can be your perfect companion. It has also become a popular option for gifting. so, if you are gifted with a piece of resin jewellery as a resin personalised gift on your next birthday don’t be surprised much. 


How to care for resin jewellery? 


Resin jewellery is the trendiest kind of jewellery and really looks cool on you. But it is also necessary to take proper care of them. For extending the lifespan of your favourite resin jewellery, you must follow some rules. 

  1. Always avoid direct contact with water. Resin jewelleries are not waterproof. You should remove them before taking a bath or swimming in the pool. 
  2. Remove the resin jewellery before going to bed, it is necessary as sleeping with resin jewellery can damage them. 
  3. Keep your jewellery in such a place where direct sunlight does not reach. Direct sunlight may soften your resin jewellery and destroy its colour. 
  4. Avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals or cleaning products such as hair spray, perfume, antiseptic liquid, nail polish remover etc, as these chemicals may destroy your resin jewellery. 

All the above-mentioned instruction is necessary to keep your resin jewellery in good condition. It is better to be aware of these precautions even if you have resin jewellery because you may get one as a gift as these products are much more popular as resin-personalised gifts


Future of the resin jewellery industry and how one can get started with it


Resin jewellery is taking the world of fashion by storm with its versatility and uniqueness. Authentic jewellery lovers who love to try different kinds of jewelleries will definitely spend their money to get a quality piece of work. A lot of money is going towards the market of resin jewellery in the near future. If you give a cursory look at the growth of the market of resin jewellery you can see that it has begun a boom in 2021. It is expected that the popularity and sale of resin jewellery will definitely increase in the coming years. So, this is the best time to test the water if you are interested in building your career in the resin jewellery industry. Find your niche and build your store as early as you can. It is a very good idea to start it when the trend is quite new and the market is not so much competitive. You just need to set some good marketing strategies and should have some right planning to get your work seen by the right customers. This is the only key to unlock several opportunities for you. Be ready to use your resources wisely and earn a handsome amount of money from your favourite field of interest.

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