Why 0% Commission?

Why 0% Commission?

Riansh, a global e-selling platform is pleased to share with you that we are commission-free now !

Riansh is commission free and you can list your business with us at 0% commission now.

This initiative was taken by us because we have always believed in supporting small businesses as they are the backbone of every society. By charging no commission we wish to further extend our support to the small business owners as well as encourage them to carry on with their passion for creating !

Our motto at Riansh is supporting small businesses and we stand by it!

We believe that by supporting small businesses and the local artisans, we are indirectly supporting the entire country as these local businesses give back to the community !

Supporting Handcrafted products and local artisans

Handcrafted products are among the finest products in terms of quality and no other machine-made item can ever compare to the charm and beauty of handmade. 

The small businesses and local artisans help in keeping many traditions and craftsmanship alive even if they do not reap, much profit which no large-scale industry would willingly do as the main motive behind those capitalistic companies is never the goodwill of the community but just earning profits.

We understand that it is important to support these local artisans who work in their homes or at small work studios with very little resources and equipment. 

By eliminating the middle man from the supply chain of these unique handcrafted products, we hope to allow them to reap more profits from their art.

Supporting Eco-friendly and Sustainable Businesses

Large industries are very harmful to society as they are one of the major pollutants that have destroyed our environment in many ways. 

Most small businesses are environment friendly and it is important to promote these local businesses. 

A small business on the other hand is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Riansh has more than 500 products listed that are made up of natural products like bamboo brushes, holders made out of coconut shells, chemical-free skin products infused with ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, neem, lavender oil, etc.

We also have a wide range of various decorative items as well as handmade gifts and personal care essentials.


All of these are made by small businesses and local artists who understand the need for sustainable living and utilize the best and most eco-friendly products in creating their goods.

Riansh stands by these owners! 

By making our platform 0% commission, we aim to encourage the sellers to produce more eco-friendly by increasing their profit. 

The buyers would benefit from our commission free store too, as by removing intermediary charges, their buying price would decrease too. 

There is a myth in our society that handmade and eco-friendly products are expensive.

This is one of the main reasons why people are not willing to buy from small businesses but did you know that more than 500 amazing products are listed in Riansh at a price lower than Rs 450? 

 At Riansh, you can buy a lot of unique handcrafted products that are full of goodness at pocket-friendly prices!

Supporting Uniqueness and Quality

Most of the products sold by local businesses are very unique and have a lot of charm.

One of the main reasons behind it is that most of such products are made by hand and not machines so every product has a slight variation which makes it special and unique.

The local artisans or businesses do not produce these products in bulk so 

A small business owner uses the best quality products to make their products as for them every product holds a precious value that bulk manufacturers would never do. Since they do not have the advantage of bulk production as well as large resources, they often have a lower profit margin.

Supporting Women in Business

We also believe that encouraging women and giving them a platform to showcase their skills is very important. Women must grow and rise in society for it to develop and prosper.

Various women-owned businesses are listed on our platform from handwoven bags, scented candles, traditional as well as bold jewelry, house decor items like macrame or embroidered pieces, and many more.

Women in business are necessary to inspire more young girls to follow their passion and make a living out of what they love and are best at.

We wish to assist not only women but all the dreamers who wish to start a business but are scared of uncertainties and have kept on denying their dreams and desires to start their own pottery business or a gift customization store.

Riansh is solely focused on helping these individuals with passion and a dream to make a livelihood on their own out of what they love and turn them into business owners or entrepreneurs.

So, by charging 0% commission to not only women but every individual aspiring to start something of their own, we hope to provide them with a platform where they could shine.

We, at Riansh, understand that charging commission to these businesses would further decrease their profit margins which could make it harder for them to continue with the business and discourage them.

This is one of the main reasons behind our decision in making Riansh a 0% commission e-commerce store.

By making our online store commission-free, we aim to help these artisans or business owners make their livelihood out of their skills and passion.

We take pride in saying that Riansh is one of the world's first e-commerce platforms that charges no commission to support the community as well the art and crafts by supporting local businesses.


A commission-free Riansh is a win-win scenario for all!

Not only the sellers, but the consumers can take advantage of our 0% commission platform.

Through our e-commerce platform, local craftsmen, handcrafted business owners, and artists are connected and allowed to engage directly with clients from all around the world.

By removing commission, we not only hope to increase the profits of our local sellers but it would also mean that the price of the goods to the consumer would become comparatively lesser as well.

We hope to encourage the buyers to purchase more from the local businesses and support these artisans in carrying forward years of craftsmanship.

By doing so, you would also be helping the environment by adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

By making our platform a 0% commission store, we are taking a step towards our motive to improve the livelihood of the local sellers and artisans by removing intermediaries as well as helping in spreading awareness among people.

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