Unlock Your Creative Potential with Brush Pen Calligraphy!

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Brush Pen Calligraphy!

Calligraphy refers to the practice of a particular writing style which has an exquisite and elegant look. It can be easily regarded as a form of art, as one will have to become adept at controlling the curving textures in the most expressive, skilful yet the most harmonious manner. In traditional calligraphy, one needs to master intricate techniques. It gives a very gorgeous look to your writing. Although it sounds a little tough, it is not impossible to become a master of calligraphy. It does not demand any expensive equipment to practice calligraphy. Especially, brush pen calligraphy, only needs three essential tools,  one is a brush pen, another one is paper and the other one is your constant striving for practice. Among the community of calligraphy, brush pen calligraphy is the most popular and extensive calligraphy which has a high demand. The brush pens may look like a simple form of marker to you, but these are actually specially made pens which help the users to imitate the feel and fluidity you get from a watercolour paintbrush. You can also become a master of modern calligraphy by joining the skill-based workshops, regarding the brush pen calligraphy arranged by the Riansh store. 

Calligraphy is an ancient art form which gives stresses on writing words in an aesthetic manner. If you want to be an eminent calligraphy artist, it needs a good amount of patience and skill. By using artistic expressions, calligraphy enhances the beauty and expression of words. The roots of calligraphy lie in the ancient Islamic culture and in China. It was widely used by the people of Chinese and ancient Islamic people for writing religious scriptures. It does not always mean that for starting calligraphy, you will have to a brush pen. You can start initially with a pen or pencil. It entirely depends upon you and with which you are feeling quite comfortable. A large number of calligraphy artists prefer to use colours or glitter in their works as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of calligraphy. The secret of being a good artist lies in learning how to blend the thin and curving brush strokes with the thick strokes. Keeping the importance of modern-day calligraphy in the mind, Riansh Store, a leading name for providing office/school supplies has decided to arrange a brush pen calligraphy workshop. The joiners will be given the right scope to learn the proper style, technique and method of creating calligraphy art. 

What is brush pen calligraphy? 

The basic difference between brush pen calligraphy and common calligraphy lies in the use of the tools. The normal form of calligraphy can be created with a simple pen or pencil of your choice, but when it comes to brush pen calligraphy, it needs a special pen with a brush-shaped tip. It is also different from classic calligraphy in which the artist has to use a special type of dip pen with a pointed nib which ensures the constant flow of fresh ink. A person who wants to learn brush pen calligraphy has to master the art of giving normal pressure and less pressure. The general rule is that the upstrokes need less pressure as it needs to be written in a thin form while the downstrokes require additional force as they need to be written with a thicker stroke. If you are a beginner in calligraphy, the use of a brush pen is ideal for you as it gives you enough control at the time of sculpting letters as well as makes the entire process of learning easier for you. There is more space to show your creativity because, unlike classic calligraphy, in brush pen calligraphy, you don’t need to maintain the strict rules of spacing and slanting your letters. The use of calligraphy is largely seen in the various types of cards we buy from the market for different reasons. If you become the master of brush pen calligraphy, you can even create your own handmade personalised Birthday Card for gifting your dear one. Is not it sound amazing? 

Advantages of practising brush pen calligraphy

Apart from having an aesthetic appeal, brush pen calligraphy also provides you with a series of physical and mental health benefits. The regular practice of calligraphy will boost your physical and mental well-being. It is very helpful for increasing the patience level and the power of concentration of an individual. It promotes the cognitive working of the brain. Calligraphy improves concentration power and allows one to continue any task for a longer period with immense concentration. It stimulates the brain's senses, tunes motor skills, helps to explore the creative sides of a particular person and relieves the high level of stress.  Apart from all these benefits, it allows you to use your skills for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your surrounding. 

Is brush pen calligraphy can be a good career option? 

Yes, learning calligraphy can be a good profession which will allow you to unleash your artistic potential. It can be a unique career option, especially for those who have a special tend towards art and a strong passion for creating good-looking letters. The special advantage is that you don’t need to have any formal degrees to pursue this career. You just need to have excellent artistic talent, creativity and imaginative skills. Starting from card designing to the tattoo industry, calligraphy skills are highly needed in all areas of art and graphics. You can be a calligraphy instructor, craft designer, calligraphy stylist in corporate media and packaging, CE instructor, calligraphy specialist,  or a digital design specialist. 

How attending this brush pen calligraphy workshop will help you? 

Riansh Store is going to organise the most influential and informative brush pen calligraphy workshop with the help and guidance of the best calligraphy experts and industry professionals. We are quite famous for producing eco-friendly items including Paperpacks. Here you will get the opportunity to learn the complex techniques of calligraphy step by step with the help of the best professionals. Additionally, you will also get first-hand experience in learning calligraphy and following the different forms of calligraphy. The joiners will be given clear concepts from the beginner-level art of creating normal calligraphy to the advanced-level knowledge of creating standard-level elegant-looking calligraphy by using the brush pen in different techniques, with rendering tips so that you will become an expert in creating different types of calligraphy. 

If you want to establish yourself as one of the reputed calligraphy artists, you should attend the workshop.  This kind of workshop will surely help you a lot. You will gain more deep knowledge about calligraphy and its impact on our health. It will help you to work with new ideas which will bring more opportunities for you and allow you to explore your talents. You will gain enough knowledge about the right techniques for creating more pleasing and aesthetically beautiful calligraphy.  You will be taught hands-on skills in creating calligraphy.  It will provide you with superb chances to try new methods of calligraphy.  You don’t need to fear of experimentation, because you will be provided with the necessary guidance for trying these methods. You will get a safe environment for trying and in the case of failure, you will get professional guidance. 

If you want to excel in your talents under professional guidance, the best thing you can do is to attend the workshop where everything is taught by industry specialists, which is very necessary, especially for becoming a professional calligraphy artist. It will make you perfect and flawless in future. 

The calligraphy workshop by Riansh store will surely help you a lot 

The brush pen calligraphy workshop arranged by Riansh Store will give you the golden opportunity to prepare yourself fully to become a professional calligraphy artist and will help you a lot to learn the actual art of calligraphy step-by-step under strict professional guidance. It will help you to learn advanced-level calligraphy along with the complete process of learning different types of creating calligraphy. The workshop will be guided under the professional guidance of Antara Sharma, an experienced calligraphy artist who has expertise in Brush pen Calligraphy, Faux Calligraphy and Water colour Landscapes. He taught over 700 students throughout the whole world and attend almost more than 40 workshops. She is an eminent and significant CCRT India Trainee Certified Calligraphy teacher and the Govt. certified Handwriting Improvement Teacher. 

The workshop will provide you with much essential information about learning calligraphy and you can gain deep knowledge from the interesting discussions. The instructor has a really grave knowledge of this industry and is quite helpful which will really help you to establish yourself as one of the reputed calligraphy artists. 

So what are your waiting for? Give wings to your power of creativity and imagination by Enrolling your name today in our workshop. Join our workshop and let your creativity touch the sky. Write your own story of success. 

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