Resin industry and its scope - Know more

Resin industry and its scope - Know more

Resin and resin art are frequently used words on the internet. Resin is a magical fluid and it has enchanted the youth of today with its shine and lustre.

Resin, a magical fluid has a history that dates back thousands of years ago, however, the history of resin we normally use today, i.e, the synthetic resin can be traced back to the year the 1900s. Although resin, may it be plant resin or synthetic resin has been in use for years for various purposes by people all around the world, resin and resin art gained huge popularity during the lockdown period.

The whole world cooped into their homes during the coronavirus breakdown and that is when their creativity and passion for art started showing themselves. The impact of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or Youtube cannot be underestimated in today's world. And it was through the resin art videos shared on social media platforms during the lockdown that everyone today has fallen for the charm of resin and resin products. 

If you are curious about what resin art is and think it is something quite complicated, you should know that resin art simply refers to a process where you create whatever you want using resin. It is not some sort of sophisticated art form that needs the use of expensive paint brushes, paints, or canvases, but that also does not mean resin art is simple and boring. Resin art could be as sophisticated and glamorous as you want your work to be and also as simple as you want. The flexibility of resin is amazing and you can create so many different things with a resin art kit. This flexibility makes resin art fun.

There is so much you could do with just a simple resin art kit. You can go through your room and chances are that there will be at least one resin item present in your room, may it be a resin earring, resin bookmark, a resin coaster, or anything else as there are endless possibilities to what can be made with resin. So, what exactly is resin?

Everything you need to know about resin!

Resin, which is often used for creating various types of art, is basically a chemical mixture that hardens to create something beautiful and durable. There are usually four types of resin- epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and polyester fiberglass resin and depending on the type of resin you use, it hardens itself when exposed to a curing agent or when exposed to UV light. You can use any of the four types of resin to create different items easily and each one of them is more suitable for specific materials.

Epoxy resin is among the most popularly used resin because of the simplicity with which you can use it. It is one of the most beginner-friendly synthetic resins available and you can easily purchase it in craft stores or other local stores. You could also easily buy a resin art kit from online stores and create beautiful resin art pieces yourself at home.

Resin can be used for several purposes. As already said, resin is a magical fluid and it can be used in just so many different ways in art and crafting lovely, durable, and lustrous art pieces and products. 

One of the most common reasons why artisans adore using resin is how it can protect art pieces from wear and tear without disturbing their beauty. As a matter of fact, resin further adds to the beauty and glamour of the artwork. This is why the popularity of resin art has grown to the extent that most houses or even offices have resin artworks these days.

There is so much you could do with your creativity and a resin art kit! You could create beautiful and shiny jewelleries and accessories such as earrings, bookmarks, and many other decorative items. The best part about resin is that you do not have to be an artist or a professional to create something magical out of it. 

All you need to be able to create a lovely resin product is a little passion to create, a resin art kit, and knowledge of a few basics of using resin. Owing to the popularity of resin and resin art, many resin art workshops and tutorial videos are available both online and offline these days. You can enroll yourself in resin art workshops available at the Riansh store where various skilled resin artisans and resin business owners will guide you on how to use resin and create beautiful items out of a resin art kit.


What is the scope of the resin industry and How can a resin workshop be of help to you?

The scope of the resin art and resin product industry is huge. You must have come across hundreds and thousands of TikTok videos, Instagram reels, or youtube DIY videos of people making different things out of a resin art kit in the past few years. Resin and resin products have become a trend among youngsters these days and it is very much unlikely that resin art will lose its popularity anytime in the future.

A resin art kit can be used in so many amazing and durable ways that artists would never get bored of it. Resin has also made its place on the lists of productive hobbies and thousands of people have started their own businesses out of their hobby they started with just a simple resin art kit. So, you can see that the scope of the resin industry is beyond huge and it has a bright future.

Are you intrigued by the cool and "shiny" properties of resin too and want to give resin art a " try"? If so, joining a resin workshop would be ideal for you. There are just so many benefits of enrolling yourself in a resin workshop.

As already mentioned above, dealing with resin and creating a glamorous object out of it is easy but that does not imply that you can just get a resin art kit and get started with it without having basic knowledge of how to deal with resin. A resin workshop can help you learn all that you need to know while handling resin and making creative stuff out of it.

A resin workshop can help you understand all about resin and resin art such as the basics of resin, various techniques of using resin, and various other important aspects involved in using a resin art kit to make something great out of it. So, you must join a resin workshop if you love resin and want to become an artist who creates beautiful and unique products out of a simple resin art kit.


The Resin Workshop by the Riansh Store

It is quite evident by now that the popularity of resin and resin art is going to keep on increasing in the near future. You could learn a great deal about resin art-making through the resin workshop organized by the Riansh store.


Riansh store is one of the leading online stores in India that is renowned for supporting local artisans and small business owners who are skilled in their art forms. You can find a wide range of workshops on Riansh's online platform. 


There are various Resin workshops that you can enroll yourself in through the Riansh store. All these workshops are conducted by skilled resin artisans and resin business owners who have captured the hearts of thousands and thousands of people with their artworks and resin products. The Resin workshop by the Riansh store is perfect for you if you are serious about resin art and want to learn from the best!


You can benefit in many ways by enrolling yourself in the resin workshops available at the Riansh store. The resin workshops conducted by various professional resin artists at the Riansh store give you an excellent opportunity to understand not only the basics but also important techniques and processes that you must follow while using a resin art kit to create an art piece out of it. You will also be able to get your doubts regarding resin, or the resin art industry that you have always been curious about but could not find the answers to when you enroll in the special resin workshops by the Riansh store. Learning from the best in the industry will also help you in boosting your confidence in your art and thus help you create more beautifully.


You must be thinking that learning from the best resin artists sounds tempting but it must be expensive. This is not the case with the resin workshops organized by the Riansh store. All the resin workshops organized by Riansh are very budget-friendly and can be enrolled by passionate people from all around the world.


As you can see, the resin workshops organized by the Riansh store are the best in every aspect. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the workshop now and start your journey of becoming a great resin artist!

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