Best Macrame Workshop in India

Best Macrame Workshop in India

Macrame art is a beautiful art form that involves creating beautiful products out of simple macrame threads and your creativity! Macrame and macrame products have been around for a long time and their history can be traced back to as long as the 16th century. Since then, macrame has been in and out of trends innumerable times.

The craze for macrame art and macrame products has risen again. This popularity of macrame is mainly due to the influence of social media or the internet on youngsters today. The recent lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus had a major impact on the resurgence of this amazing art form.

Everyone had a lot of time to pass during the lockdown period and people were usually bored staying indoors for long months. It was during this time that many people started looking for new hobbies and that is when knotting beautiful products out of macrame threads rose up as a hobby. Many people started sharing videos of them creating macrame art and shared the beautiful macrame products they made on Tiktok, Instagram, etc. Macrame art soon became a trend and several small businesses selling macrame items also sprung up and saw great success.

Macrame is like an evergreen hobby and macrame products have been loved by people of all generations. You can ask your mother whether macrame art was a thing back in their time and chances are that she must have tried learning it or purchased many macrame items back in her time.

There are endless possibilities of what you could make with a macrame thread. Some of the most popular macrame products are macrame coasters, plant hangers, macrame wall hanging, macrame swings, macrame handbags and purses, and many other beautiful decor items. 

 If you think making a macrame product must be really hard, then you are wrong. All you need to create macrame products are macrame threads, a few tools, and your creativity!

 If you are a macrame lover and want to try making lovely macrame art yourself, then you must consider joining a macrame workshop. It could be a great way for you to learn many things about macrame art. Wondering where you could find a macrame art workshop? The Riansh store has many great macrame workshops that could give you a headstart at macrame art making. 

Benefits of learning Macrame- A Unique Art Form.

Macrame has been popular with people of all ages. Your mother, aunt, father, or even uncle must have loved macrame making or macrame items such as macrame coasters, macrame wall hanging, macrame purses, macrame dolls, and many other products in their time. The popularity of macrame as a hobby as well as its products have risen again.

Do you like macrame products and are you considering taking up a new productive hobby? Learning macrame art could be the thing for you!

Many individuals, artists, and craftsmen love macrame art. Macrame art has also proven to be one of the most loved hobbies among people due to many reasons.

 One of the major charms of macrame art that attracts people to learning is the freedom of creation it gives to the creator. With macrame, there is no limit to what you can create! You can let your imagination run wild and create anything you like once you learn the basics of macrame-making.

Apart from this, macrame-making has also proven to be good for your mind. It is said that when you focus on creating a macrame product, your mood can be better and it helps in relieving your stress. So, when you learn macrame art, you will not only be able to create wonderful macrame products but it will also help you free your mind of worries. 

Learning macrame art can be really fun and intriguing. It is something that you can experiment with as much as you want. You could start as a beginner making simple macrame coasters and move on to making macrame wall hanging with sophisticated patterns and knots. You can also experiment with different colors and so on. There are also endless possibilities of what you can create with just a simple macrame cord, scissors, hanging rings, rods, tape measure, or other tools as per your requirements.

Learning macrame art is also known to be good for improving your motor skills as you consistently use your hands while making macrame products. Apart from this, learning macrame art is also said to help you boost your confidence in yourself. Knowing that you have learned a new skill and watching yourself create something out of a simple thread is really amazing and can help you boost your self-esteem.

As you can see there are innumerable benefits to learning macrame art and zero disadvantages of it. Macrame art is a mesmerizing and unique art form. So, enroll yourself in a macrame workshop by the Riansh store and get yourself a new productive hobby.

Scope of Macrame Industry and How can a macrame workshop be beneficial for you?

The demand for macrame products like macrame wall hanging, macrame earrings, macrame purses, macrame coasters, macrame plant hangers, etc, is really high today. The aesthetic beauty of macrame items has attracted the attention of youngsters today. The youth of today takes a keen interest in aesthetics and with boho vibes given off by macrame, it has become really trending.

Owing to the demand for macrame products like macrame wall hanging, etc, it is quite evident that there is a good market for macrame art and items. So, it is safe to say that there is quite a good scope for you to build a career out of your passion for macrame! 

Joining a macrame workshop can be quite beneficial for you in learning macrame art and developing your skills in it. As already said, there is a good demand for macrame items and there are several macrame businesses and artists out there who have already established their names in the market. 

When you join a macrame workshop, you will be able to learn the basics of macrame as well as many special techniques for creating macrame products. It is only when you learn various macrame tricks and techniques and develop your macrame skills by joining macrame workshops conducted by professionals that you will be able to stand out and make an amazing career yourself. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in the special macrame workshops by the Riansh and grow your passion for macrame into your career!

Macrame Workshop in India by the Riansh store

Macrame is a one-of-a-kind art form, and there are numerous reasons why you should learn it. The Riansh Store organizes a large number of professional and enjoyable macrame workshops that can help you learn all that you need to know about macrame. 

 The macrame workshops organized by the Riansh store are all conducted by leading macrame artists from all over India. All these conductors of macrame workshops are those people who have mastered their art and created several unique and amazing macrame products. Many of the conductors of these macrame workshops are also macrame business owners whose products are loved by all and purchased by many customers from around the country.

When you enroll yourself in the macrame workshops by the Riansh store, you get an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. You will be able to learn all about the basics of macrame making and the different knotting tricks and techniques. You can learn about the various cords and the various ways to construct beautiful macrame products such as a macrame wall hanging, macrame coaster, etc.

These macrame workshops are affordable and can be attended by people online from any part of the world. The macrame workshops by the Riansh store are also beginner friendly which makes it perfect for you to learn if you are new to macrame making but have a passion for it. The macrame workshops are also ideal for small business owners or individuals who are looking forward to learning a productive art skill that they can build a career out of.

The question and answer session with the experts during every macrame workshop organized by the Riansh makes it even more advantageous for you as you could clear many doubts regarding the art form as well as tips regarding making a career out of it. Since most conductors of the macrame workshops are business owners, you will be able to gain valuable tips and suggestions from them.

As you can see, the macrame workshops by the Riansh store are among the best workshops on macrame art making you can find in India. So what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in the macrame workshops conducted by professionals and get started with your amazing journey of creating unique macrame products!


  1. What are the considerable things in making a macrame product? 

The things you should consider at the time of making macrame products are the thickness of the macrame cords, the types of the macrame cords, preventing cords from unravelling and the length of the cords.

  1. What is the most important material in macrame?  

Although any type of cord can be used in making macrame products, the use of high-quality cotton cords will give you the best results. Cotton cords are quite easy to unravel and give a gorgeous look.  

  1. How are macrame products used? 

Macrame is a wonderful material which can be used in making plant hangers, wall hangings, accessories, home textiles, clothes etc. there are also many other things which can be made by using macrame. 

  1. Why it is called macrame?

The word macrame came from the ancient Arabic word macramia, which means ‘ornamental fringe’, ‘striped towel’ or ‘embroidered veil’.

  1. Is macrame eco-friendly?

Macrame products are made with 100% cotton strings. It is hand woven and no waste materials are produced. It is completely environmentally friendly.

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