How to strengthen your Hair roots through Root Strengthening Mask?

How to strengthen your Hair roots through Root Strengthening Mask?

Just like every other good thing in life, maintaining healthy hair is also beneficial for a person and a root strengthening mask is exactly what you need. Why? Before we get into the details, here is what you must know about your hair.  Your hair is sensitive to many environmental factors like seasons, environmental stresses, emotional health, hormones, sleep cycle and food.


To sum up, your Hair is the extension of all the attention you give to it, that is to say, all the love and care you shower on your amazing self. So, let's find out how to take care of your hair and maintain strong roots.

What Causes Weak Hair Roots / Follicles? 

  • Lack of Nutrients: A diet lacking valuable nutrients will eventually weaken the hair roots. If you skip foods, likewise you will skip the essential nutrients found in them. Thus, your hair will become dry and lustreless. Good diet promotes healthy hair.
  • Blockage of Blood Supply to the Follicles: An elevated amount of circulating cholesterol, hormonal imbalances and sugar imbalances can cause a lack of sufficient nutrition to reach the roots, even after consuming a healthy and balanced meal.
  • Inflammation: Overuse of certain chemicals, heat treatments and prolonged exposure to pollution can also serve as a factor in making your hair roots weak.

Signs of Weak Hair 

  • Weak hair often results in low tensile strength. Hair shafts break pretty easily when pulled.
  • Weak hair often has a dry texture, lack lustre and get tangled easily.
  • Weak hair eventually makes way for more than average hair fall.
  • Often, hair splits when growing if your hair roots are weak.

How to Strengthen Weak Hair Roots? 

Our hair is in constant need of deep moistening and conditioning to stimulate its growth which in turn helps it to maintain its strength and shine. There are many products that help a person strengthen weak hair roots. One such product is a 'Root Strengthening Mask'.


Much like a face mask, a root strengthening mask helps to hydrate, fix and make hair progressively manageable. They are rich in ingredients that bring life back to dull and dry hair. Remember that when you use real ingredients in their raw/organic form it can do wonders for your hair. RianshStore brings you root strengthening masks enriched with raw and promising ingredients.


Our root strengthening mask will help you to improve the texture and quality of the root hair. Thus, it promotes hair growth and also works as an excellent hair conditioner. A secret tip is, you can also mix the mask along with green tea, curd, coconut milk for deep conditioning of hair. Apply, the hair mask, keep it for 30-40 minutes and then wash it off with plain water to get the best results. 

What Should You Look Forward to After Using a Root Strengthening Mask? 

Root strengthening masks are actually treatments for your hair that are formulated using butter, oils and other nourishing ingredients. They can stop the breakage and provide overall protection to your hair. They can even moisturize and nourish your hair. Generally speaking, there are many benefits to a hair mask.

The advantages of using a root strengthening mask comprise of:

  • Shinier, Softer and Lustrous hair.
  • Reduced damage to your hair
  • Reduced hair breakage
  • Less environmental as well as product damage
  • Less frizzy and dry hair
  • Rich hair texture with added moisture
  • Results in a healthier scalp
  • Stronger hair roots


To sum up, there are numerous benefits and advantages to using a root strengthening mask. But the results may vary depending on the ingredients used and the nature of your hair type.

How does it Help to Strengthen Your Hair Roots? 

Root strengthening masks are filled with ingredients and they help in nourishing and moisturizing the hair from the root to the tip. With sufficient caution and a little care, they do wonders to the hair. That is to say, not only do they result in a healthier scalp but also strengthen hair and roots as well. They even help in giving the hair a rich and healthy texture. This results in beautiful, lustrous and shining hair.

Why Should You Use One? 

Root strengthening masks provide a deeply nourishing hair treatment. In other words, they can have a big impact in the shine and strength of your hair. Most importantly, if you have frizzy, damaged or dry hair, it's particularly helpful. They can pick out and target your specific hair type while also addressing your concerns too.


For instance, you can find botanical oils including Avocado oil in the best root strengthening masks for curly hair. Other naturally healing ingredients, such as honey and propolis are essential for damaged hair. By using root strengthening masks in correspondence with these natural ingredients, you can bring out the best in your hair.

Final Words 

If you have damaged hair, it is crucial for you to use root strengthening masks that come with organic ingredients to repair the damaged hair strands. The best part is, hair masks can also target specific hair concerns. You must use a hydrating hair treatment mask at least once a week. However, if your hair feels or looks drier or much more damaged than usual, then you have to increase the use of root strengthening masks to two/three times a week. 

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