Easy Gifts for Friends and Family

Easy Gifts for Friends and Family

Friends and family are the two closest relationships you have in life. They always have your back and go through thick and thin together with you. They are such an integral part of our life that we often forget to appreciate them and show our affection and gratitude towards them. Handmade gifts are a great way to express your gratitude towards the closest people in your life.

Thoughtful handmade gifts can be as powerful as a thousand eloquent words. Giving a present to your loved ones can convey to the recipient that you treasure and value your relationship with them, whether it be romantic or platonic. 

You can customize handmade gifts like photo books, framed prints, and even photo pillows, etc for your friends and family. They are a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship's best moments and strengthen your bond with the recipient on an emotional level.

A life without friends and family is almost unimaginable. So, you should often celebrate your special bonds and not just on special days like mother's day, father's day, friendship day, etc. 

Giving handmade gifts outside of a special day can be a fantastic way to show that you care and are considerate of your loved one's needs. For instance, you may surprise your friend with handmade gifts for friends or give your siblings a new mug after they grumble about breaking their favorite one a while back.

Giving individuals these small, unexpected presents will help you build relationships with your friends and family and will help them feel heard, valued, and appreciated. The unexpectedness of the gift will also undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise, and it might even brighten your friend's or family's day.

Top 10 Easy Handmade Gifts for Friends and Family

There are several easy gift ideas that you could gift to your friends and family. However, friends and family are a crucial part of your life. So, you would probably want to give them something good and special. Given below are the top 10 easy handmade gifts ideas for friends and family that you can either make yourself at home or purchase from handmade gifts online India stores:

  • Handmade cards- Handmade cards are one of the simplest yet very special handmade gifts for friends and family. There is something very special about handmade cards and they often touch the heart of the receiver. Today when everyone talks via online messages, expressing your feelings of love and gratitude towards your friends through a beautiful handmade card can be a great idea.

You can give this gift to anyone and at any moment. You could give these special handmade gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a thank you or get well soon card. Making a handmade card is very simple and inexpensive. You just need colorful paper, pens, some decorative stickers, and some other basic stationery, and your card would be ready.

You can write anything you want on the card and express all your emotions which you often find hard to say out loud.

Riansh Store, a handmade gifts online India store has a wide range of beautifully handmade cards such as mini birthday cards, festival greeting cards, and funny and romantic greeting cards inspired by famous tv shows. If you are looking to gift something special to your loved ones, these cards make a perfect gift for them. 

  • Scrapbooks- Scrapbooks make good handmade gifts. You can gift your friends or family members a customized scrapbook if they are movie enthusiasts and love themed gifts. You can gift them a beautiful handmade scrapbook from online stores. Riansh Store, a handmade gifts online India store has a wide range of themed scrapbooks for your cinephile friends and family members.

Riansh Store has many scrapbooks like F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed scrapbooks. This scrapbook can be the perfect handmade gifts for friends. You can also buy other scrapbooks themed after popular shows like Harry Potter, The fault in our Stars, or even nature-themed scrapbooks. Kpop is on the rise these days and if your friend, brother, or sister is a BTS ARMY then the BTS themed kpop scrapbook is the ideal gift you could give them. They would be more than excited to receive these personalized scrapbooks.

  • Handmade Bookmarks- Bookmarks make great handmade gifts for friends and family members who love reading books. You can easily buy handmade bookmarks from Riansh, a handmade gifts online India store. Riansh Store has beautiful handmade bookmarks made up of wood, resin, etc.

  • Personalized Coasters- You can easily make a coaster for your loved ones using popsicle sticks and thin boards. You can gift a stunning handmade coaster that will appeal to both coffee and tea drinkers by decorating your pallets with patterned washi tapes. Coasters are the ideal housewarming presents for friends and family. They are simple and easy to make. You can also buy these beautiful handmade gifts online India from Riansh. Riansh Store has a wide range of bright and aesthetic coasters for you.

  • Customized Photo Frames- Photo frames are regarded as classic gifts. Almost anyone would like to receive this for any occasion. Because photo frames let a person maintain all of their memories, they make wonderful handmade gifts. You can count on the frame to aid in protecting that memory, whether it is a picture, a document, or anything else that can fit inside. Photo frames make great customise handmade gifts. The recipient of your gift can recall the memories you made together by framing images of shared events, insider jokes, favorite lines, and priceless moments.

You can get your photo frame customized from the Riansh store, a handmade gifts online India platform. The vintage glass frame by Riansh Store is beautifully handcrafted with love by local artisans. 

  • Handmade Tote Bags- For your loved ones, you might sew a tote bag to use for carrying books, periodicals, or crafts. Handmade tote bags make excellent presents. Simply choose a cloth that complements the recipient's sense of style. Personalized totes are an eco-friendly way to carry your groceries, but they can be used for so much more than just shopping!

  • Magnet- Do you have a friend or relative that spends all of their time in the kitchen? You can give a custom photo magnet to your favorite foodie. You could also include a picture from a recent food-related occasion, such as your yearly Thanksgiving feast or the neighborhood BBQ they threw last summer. Adding recipe cards can add more spice to your customise handmade gifts.

  • Macrame Wall Hangings- Macrame wall hangings make great handmade gifts for friends and family who love bright colors and beautiful patterns. You can make a macrame hanging with just a few items like cotton rope, dowel, hanging ring, scissors, and tape measure. You can also customize handmade gifts by choosing the colors of the recipient's choice and keeping their aesthetic in mind.

You can also easily buy handmade macrame wall hangings from Riansh, a handmade gifts online India store. Riansh store has a wide range of visually appealing macrame hangings that can add beauty to any living space.

  • Handmade Jewellery- Giving someone jewellery is giving them something that enhances their sense of beauty, significance, and desire. Handmade jewellery makes great handmade gifts. You can make a beautiful handmade accessory for your loved ones using materials like clay, resin, or even thread. You could also customize jewellery for your loved ones by keeping in mind their fashion choices or the colors they like.

Riansh is a handmade gifts online India store that have a wide variety of different styles of handmade jewellery that are crafted by local artisans in beautiful patterns and hues. You can also gift your friends and family handmade jewellery from Riansh.

  • Keychains- Keychains are simple yet attractive handmade gifts. Making keychains is very simple. You could make keychains with many things such as resin, beads, clay, tassel, etc. these little gifts can also be customized and the receiver can easily carry around the keychain you have handmade for them with love and care. 

You can also buy handmade keychains from the Riansh store. We have a wide range of beautiful and quirky keychains like resin rose petals keychains for lovers, umbrella key chains from the popular show " how I met your mother" and a friend's peephole keychain as handmade gifts for friends. The recipient would love it!


The closest relationships in your life must be celebrated from time to time. Giving gifts to your family members and friends can strengthen your bond with them and make them feel happy.

Giving special handmade gifts to the special people in your life is a great idea. You can easily purchase charming handcrafted goods at an affordable price from the Riansh Store.

Riansh is a leading handmade gifts online India store that has a wide range of handcrafted products that you gift to your friends and family on any occasion. The handmade gifts for friends and family by Riansh Store are lovely and will surely make the recipients happy!

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