Diwali Workshop

Diwali Workshop

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India that is celebrated with joy and great excitement! It is one of those festivals during which everyone forgets all other things and loses oneself in the spirit of festivity. 

When you think of Diwali, some of the first things that come to your mind are lots and lots of sweets, lights, lanterns, diyas everywhere, and beautiful rangolis. Everything about Diwali speaks of joy and celebration!

 Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights is also famous for gifting. People give gifts to their families, friends as well as neighbors on Diwali. Some of the most popular gifts given on Diwali are sweets such as coconut barfis, Kaju katli and jalebis, chocolates, cookware, handmade lanterns, scented candles, aroma diffusers, and so on.

Special Diwali Workshops By the Riansh Store:-

Diwali is one of the most loved and awaited festivals in India. Lanterns, diyas, gifts, sweets, and rangolis are all the essence of Diwali. While you can easily purchase all of the above from a nearby convenience store or online. However, putting your effort and creativity into making them can add to the specialness of the festival. May it be making a diya or rangoli for decorating your house or making sweets and gift baskets to give to your loved ones, you can do it all with Riansh!

The Riansh store has brought to you 4 back to back special Diwali workshops that will help you add your touch and creativity to making the festival even more special for you. Given below are the four special workshops organized by the Riansh store this Diwali season just for you!

Gift Basket Making Workshop 

Gift Baskets are one of the most special gifts you could give to your loved ones on Diwali or any other festival. There is something so special about a gift basket that cannot be matched by any other gift. The effort put into filling a basket with items that the recipient likes and beautifully wrapping it before gifting it is what makes gift baskets special.

Most Diwali gift baskets are usually sweet, chocolate, fruit, or food baskets. You can easily find thousands of gift baskets online as well as in other stores, however, they cost quite a lot and may or may not be as per your liking. 

Making a gift basket is not as hard as you think. All you need for making a gift basket is a basket or some sort of box that you can use as a basket, products of your choice, gift wrappers, and a few basic tools for fixing them together to make a beautiful gift. Sounds quite easy right?

The process of making gift baskets does seem easy right? However, you will not be able to make a good basket without having prior experience in making it or without learning how to make one. 

The Diwali special workshop by the Riansh store could be the guidance you need in order to make your own amazing gift basket for your friends, families, and so on. The gift basket-making workshop organized by the Riansh store on the special occasion of the festival of giftings is a beginner-friendly workshop that can guide you through the process of making a beautiful customized gift basket for Diwali.

Are you wondering what is so hard about just putting a few things in a basket and simply wrapping it? You would never know the answer to it without trying to make one first! There goes a significant amount of time and effort in making gift baskets. Knowing how to pick the right basket for your gift, the proper way to arrange the items inside the gift basket, and finally wrapping them in an uneven gift hamper perfectly to make it look good enough for gifting is the trick!

When you enroll yourself in the gift basket-making workshops by the Riansh store, you will be able to learn all of the above and thus make the perfect gift basket for your close ones. 

You could also start a small business selling gift baskets with the help of this Diwali special workshop by Riansh. Since there is a high demand for gifts and gift baskets during Diwali, you could get a headstart in your small business! 

Diya and Handmade Lantern Making Workshop 

The countless diyas and lanterns that people light inside and outside of homes during Diwali have earned it the title of "festival of lights." Diwali and diyas are inseparable and naturally, there is a high demand for diyas and lanterns during Diwali.

There is something so beautifully enchanting about lighting clay lamps or diyas. It makes the entire surroundings look warm and evokes a feeling of joy in anyone watching it. Diyas come in a wide variety of styles.However, if you are looking for unique lamps and lanterns to decorate your house this Diwali, making one yourself and adding creativity to it could be something new and interesting you could do this festival season.

Sounds like a good idea? Give it a try then! If you are already excited at the thought of being able to make your own unique and colorful diyas and lanterns this Diwali but have no idea how to get started, enroll yourself in the Diwali special workshop on Handmade diyas and lantern making workshop by the Riansh store!

When you enroll in the diyas and lantern-making workshop by the Riansh store, you will be able to learn all about the items needed to make them at your home and various tips and tricks about decorating them beautifully. This handmade diyas and lantern-making workshop is perfect for you if you want to add your own style while decorating your house this Diwali. It is also ideal for you if you are looking forward to learning a skill that can help you earn money this festival season. There is a crazy demand for diyas and lanterns during Diwali and if you start a small business selling beautiful handmade lanterns and lamps in vibrant colors, you will probably be busy restocking your creations!

Flower Rangoli Workshop 

Making rangoli is one of the most exciting activities of Diwali. The floor of every household is beautifully decorated with beautiful rangolis every Diwali. Rangoli adds the beauty of vibrant colors to the festival of lights and gifts! 

You must have seen and made several rangolis in unique designs every year out of different vibrant colors. If you want a change from making rangolis out of colored powders, you could try making flower rangoli this Diwali!

Rangolis made out of flowers make a lovely decor and are one of the best types of rangoli. Flower rangolis not only look mesmerizing but will also add fragrance to the surroundings! You can enroll yourself in the Diwali special Flower rangoli making workshop by the Riansh store and learn different ways, patterns, or designs of making flower rangolis.

When you enroll yourself in the flower rangoli-making workshop by the Riansh store, you will be able to learn the basic techniques and tricks of making rangoli as well as tips on how you can keep the rangoli look fresh for a long time. 

The flower rangoli workshop by the Riansh store is a fun and interesting workshop that can help you become better at rangoli making. Enroll yourself in the special Diwali workshop on making rangoli and impress your friends and families with beautiful flower rangoli this Diwali!

Sweet Making Workshop- Coconut barfi and jalebi Workshop by Riansh

Sweets are the essence of Diwali and a celebration is incomplete without a sweet jalebi or a coconut barfi. Sweets are also among the most common gifts given on Diwali. There are so many different kinds of sweets that are readily available on the market, but nothing can compare to the goodness of homemade barfis and Gulab jaamuns!

Enroll yourself in the Diwali special workshop by the Riansh store on making tasty coconut barfi and jalebis and surprise your friends and family with homemade sweets this festival!

The workshop on making sweets by the Riansh store is made just for you if you have been looking for easy guidance on making delicious sweets at home. Make homemade barfis and jalebis this festival season and share them with your loved ones! 


Diwali is a festival of joy and making various things that are the essence of the festival yourself can add to the joy of the special day. The various workshops on gift basket making, sweets making, making diyas and lanterns, and flower rangoli making by the Riansh store are beginner friendly and one of the best workshops you could find. 

So why are you still waiting? Enroll yourself in the Diwali special workshops by the Riansh store now and add your touch to the celebration!

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