Best Handwoven Jhola Tote For You

Best Handwoven Jhola Tote For You

Handwoven jhola tote bags are the current trend of the season. It is a gender-neutral product and perfect for use, especially for those who want to have a bag to run their daily errands. It can be used to fulfill multiple purposes. Anybody can use these handwoven jhola tote bags. Students can use these bags for carrying their books, laptops, water bottles and other school supplies, housewives can use them for running their daily errands like grocery shopping, teachers can carry their school supplies, or a traveller can use them to carry several items. These handwoven tote bags from the Riansh store are uniquely designed to fit anybody's taste and style. Apart from its design, its practicality makes it even more attractive to customers. These days Gen Z and the millennial generations are choosing comfort over unrealistic fashionable items. So handwoven jhola tote bags from the Riansh Store ticks both the points of being fashionable and practical. In addition to these points , several advantages are provided by these handwoven jhola tote bags and they are also environmentally friendly too.

A small initiative to save our Planet

A handwoven jhola tote bag from the Riansh store is an initiative to move away from disposable plastic waste and move towards natural, upcycled materials and biodegradable products. Mostly the items that are used to make these handwoven jhola tote bags are basically cotton and linen and used plastics. A handmade gift like the handwoven jhola tote bags from the Riansh store is made using products sourced from nature and used plastics and are able to reduce plastic waste by 30 to 40 plastic bags per tote bag. Furthermore, all these items are sourced from nature without disturbing the natural ecological balance of the planet. The raw materials used for making the handwoven jhola tote bags are mainly sourced from plants and recycled plastics and these are pocket friendly too. The cost of natural products and upcycled plastics is far cheaper than other synthetic products. And it can be easily availed by the local artists who are making these handmade products. As these items are eco-friendly, cost-friendly and easily available in nature, the demand for these handwoven items is always in demand. In addition, handmade items from the Riansh Store are durable so you can use them for a long time. They can be designed in several ways to give you a unique and funky look that can meet all your standards. Each of these handwoven jhola totes is capable of carrying 6 to 7 kg of weight in them.

When you choose to buy handwoven handmade jhola tote bags from the Riansh Store you also choose to support local artisans. These local artists are real craftsmen who are adept at making such beautiful handmade jhola tote bags. This will in turn help the domestic economy of our country. When they make these handmade products they put their best efforts into each of them. That is why every product from the Riansh Store is unique from the others. Plus the quality of the hand-crocheted tote bag products from the Riansh Store is far superior to any machine-made products and they are durable too. If you wish to buy a handwoven jhola tote bag from Riansh Store then you can tell us about your specific requirements like the colour, and the pattern and you will deliver your items according to your needs. You just have to tell us about your specific requirements regarding colour, pattern or any other specific requirements that you want in your handmade jhola tote bag. 

Handmade items also make great presents and Riansh Store is one the best places where you can get the best handmade products made by the best artists. They are extremely skilled in meeting the specific requirements of our client and delivering the product right on time. Unlike machine-made products, a handmade product will always stand out as a gift. The beauty of handmade products is so unique that they easily stand out in the crowd. So if you are thinking of gifting your loved one whom you deeply care, you can consider gifting a handwoven jhola tote bag from the Riansh store. These handwoven jhola tote bags can be worn in any season be it spring, summer and winter. They are lightweight and very easy to carry and these bags have enough space in them to keep several items. They also look trendy and can be matched with any type of attire. Be it Indian wear or western wear, you can wear these handwoven tote bags. You can also customize it according to the preference of your loved one. You can give the design specification to us and we will make it and ship it within 6 to 7 days. A gift like this will leave a special mark on the memory of your dear ones. So Riansh store is the perfect place for you to get a beautiful handwoven tote bag for your loved one. The artists meticulously craft each and every bag uniquely to meet the specific requirements of our clients. And as these are upcycled products (ie that are made by reusing the products)by buying these products in a way you are contributing to the conservation of our planet. In a way, when you are buying this product from the Riansh store you are making a conscious decision to save the planet.


  1. What makes a handmade jhola tote bag unique?

Handwoven jhola tote bags are unique because they are for everyday practical use and can be used for party accessories too. These handwoven tote bags are also environmentally friendly and can be recycled for different use.

  1. What is the purpose of a  handmade jhola tote bag?

Tote bags are mainly used for daily purposes. Instead of using fancy handbags try using handwoven tote bags not only for everyday use but also for using on special days to carry your items. Normally women use it for carrying groceries, personal items, laptops, books, etc. Apart from comfort, these handwoven tote bags are environment-friendly sustainable alternatives.

  1. Are handmade jhola tote bags environmentally friendly?

The answer to this question is yes. These handwoven jhola tote bags are environmentally friendly and are considered the best alternative to plastic bags. The raw materials used in these handwoven tote bags are mainly cotton and upcycled plastics.

  1. What is the importance of a handmade jhola tote bag?

Disposable plastic bags have created rampant damage to the ecosystem of our planet. To combat pollution many brands are coming up with bags that are made with biodegradable and upcycled items so that these products do not endanger the already damaged ecosystem of our planet. Handmade jhola tote is one such example of an upcycled biodegradable product.

  1. What material is used for handwoven jhola tote bags?

While making handwoven jhola tote bags the raw materials are used is directly sourced from nature. The main fibres that are used to make tote bags are cotton, linen and upcycled plastics. Artisans use natural dyes and different designs to give these handmade jhola tote bags a unique look.

  1. Why is a tote bag are called a tote?

Tote is a word that originated in the 17th century, and it was used to carry luggage. 

  1. How strong are the handmade jhola tote bags?

A good handmade jhola tote bag is able to carry a heavy load of grocery items and other items too. It can be jam-packed with groceries, library books, pens and notebooks, water bottles and toiletries items without breaking.

  1. Are handmade tote bags good for everyday use?

The answer is yes, the handmade jhola tote bags are totally made for everyday use. Anybody can use a handmade tote bag for their daily use. These bags can be used for groceries shopping, carrying books, laptops, water bottles, etc

  1. Can handmade tote bags be recycled?

The handmade jhola tote bags are made from natural fibres like cotton, linen and upcycled plastics. So these handwoven jhola tote bags are totally reusable and can be recycled for further use.

  1. What is the difference between a  handmade tote and a handbag?

The main difference between handmade tote bags and a handbag is that handmade tote bags are made out of recycled products and biodegradable products and crafted by artisans and handbags are mostly made in factories by using non-biodegradable products. Also, handmade tote bags can carry more weight than any regular handbag.

  1. Who makes these handmade tote bags?

Handmade jhola tote bags are made by local artisans at the Riansh Store who want to showcase the best products with unique creative styles.

  1. What is the origin of the tote bag?

There are several stories regarding the origins of handmade jhola tote bags.  One of the theories suggests that it originated in Paris in the 17th century. These handmade jhola totes became trendy and their popularity grew with the expansion of travel and the exchange of goods. Previously, handmade tote jhola tote bags were made by using leather but these days owing to environmental pollution these handmade tote bags are made from biodegradable products and natural products.

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