Small Actions Can Make a Big Impact: Zidane Mistry's Inspiring Story

Small Actions Can Make a Big Impact: Zidane Mistry's Inspiring Story

Zidane Mistry, a remarkable child born on September 2nd, has become an inspiration to many due to his exceptional level of environmental consciousness. At a young age, Zidane adopted a simple yet powerful habit of using green recycled pencils, which not only serve their primary purpose of writing but can also be planted later on to grow into plants. This action not only contributes to reducing waste but also promotes a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

The green recycled pencils that Zidane uses are 100% eco-friendly and are made from recycled paper rolled tightly around graphite (lead) with super strength. These wood-free pencils are smooth to write with and easy to sharpen, making them an ideal gift for fellow eco-warriors. But why choose newspaper pencils?

In India alone, we consume around 15-18 billion pencils each year, which comes at a grave cost of 7 million trees annually. By repurposing old newspapers into pencils, we can save these trees and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Zidane's commitment to environmentalism has garnered the attention of a growing audience, with a following of 9,000 individuals who share his passion and respect for the planet. He serves as a true inspiration for people of all ages, proving that even small actions can make a big impact.

Zidane's story is a reminder that the power to make a difference lies within each and every one of us. We must make conscious decisions to protect our planet and contribute to a more sustainable future. With his remarkable initiative, Zidane has proven that children can play a vital role in shaping a better future for our planet.

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